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The all-inclusive price of China Tour 2020 will include visits to the cities of Beijing, Wudang Mountains, Xian and Shaolin Temple in addition to:

  • Round Trip International Airfare (Departing LAX)

  • Hotel Accommodations throughout the tour (4-5 Star Hotels)         (All Rooms are Double Occupancy)  

  • 3 Meals per day (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)

  • Transportation within China

  • English Speaking Tour Guides

  • All Tours, Taxes, Tips and Donations

  • Specialized Masters Seminar featuring Grandmaster Taylor and    Z-Ultimate Board of Masters

  • Tours of Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Summer Palace and Temple of Heaven

  • Historical Palaces and Temples in China: the Birthplace of Tai Chi, Wudang Kung Fu and Taoism: The Purple Heaven Palace, Middle Mountain Palace and The Golden Hall at Wudang Mountains

  • A Gondola lift with spectacular views of Wudang Mountains and The Golden Hall

  • Cultural Exchange Ceremony between Z-Ultimate Instructors and Wudang Monks at The Purple Heaven Palace 

  • Exclusive 2 Day Training with Wudang Monks

  • Museum tour of the ancient army of The Terracotta Warriors 

  • The mythical Tang Dynasty Show

  • Journey to Longmen Grottoes

  • Visit to the birthplace of Zen Buddhism, Qigong and World Famous Shaolin Kung Fu Martial Arts: Shaolin Temple and Fawang Temple –Song Shan Mountains

  • Visit the Dharma Cave (Bodhidharma’s Cave) and Pagoda Forest

  • Participate in exclusive Kung Fu Training with the Shaolin Temple Warrior Monks

  • The spectacular Shaolin Monks Performance featuring the mastery of Qigong, Chinese Weaponry and Shaolin Animal Forms  

  • “Once in a Lifetime” walk upon The Great wall of China.  

  • Peking Duck Celebration Dinner, at the conclusion of the tour.               

                                  June 22nd– July 4th, 2020 

                                       (Arriving back in USA on July 4th)

                                   Total Cost $4995.00

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