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Passport and China Visa Information

 Your PASSPORT and CHINA VISA must be CURRENT while traveling in China.

At this time, we would like to ask you to please obtain or physically locate your passport and ensure it meets the requirements. It is better to do this sooner rather than later to avoid missing any deadlines.

Step One: Passport

Passport Information:

If you are a United States citizen and need to obtain or renew a United States Passport go online to:   


                                                        Normal processing time is 6-8 weeks.

There are plenty of places to get a Passport photo taken but there are special requirements, so go somewhere that takes passport photos specifically. You will receive two copies of the photo.  

One photo is for your passport application and the other is needed to process your Visa, so keep them

in a secure spot until needed. 

If you have an existing passport:   Verify the passport is valid through January 5, 2021, with three blank pages. 

Step Two: Visa

           Option One:  Obtaining your own Visa

Please let us know at: before applying so that we may send you a personalized copy of the Official Letter needed as part of your documentation for your China Visa.

Below is the link to the China Visa Online Application Information:

                                                                 or outside of So. California


           Option Two:  Z-Ultimate Visa Application and Processing $229.00 (Per Person).

Includes courier service fee, processing and verification of the accuracy of the China Visa Application and required documents, returned to you via Fed Ex delivery. Pay for Z-Ultimate Visa Processing online or by check.   If paying by check, make payable to “Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios” and write your full name and “Visa Fee” on the memo line.  This fee is non-refundable.

 If you would like Z-Ultimate to assist you with obtaining a China Visa, these are the items we will need:                      

1. A signed Passport valid through January 5, 2021, with three blank pages.

2. Visa application completed and signed in black ink.

     For your convenience we have attached the current China Visa Online Application (information above).

3. A recently taken color Passport photo.

4. A color photocopy of applicants Drivers License (front and back) or school ID.

5. The Z-Ultimate Visa Application Processing Fee ($229.00). Pay Online or by Check.

Important Notes:

Please gather and complete the necessary documents and photo for obtaining your China Visa. 

PLEASE WAIT until Z-Ultimate contacts you before sending them. The Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China office will not accept applications before a specified date and time.

To help expedite obtaining replacement documents, in the event they are lost or stolen during the tour, your Passport and China Visa will be scanned into our records for this trip. Any cost associated with the replacement of a Passport or China Visa is the responsibility of the Applicant. All Passport and China Visa information will be deleted from our records at the conclusion of the tour. If you do not want your documents scanned, please let us know.

If you have any specific China Tour 2020 questions, please contact:


Master Christopher Diaz

Z-Ultimate Self Defense Studios

13112 Newport Ave., Suite C

Tustin, CA 92780

714 310-7748


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